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KBS Bans ‘Zutter’ From Broadcast

KBS Bans ‘Zutter’ From Broadcast



As part of a ruling for numerous songs, Korean broadcast company KBS has deemed ‘Zutter’ by GD & TOP to be unfit for broadcast. The song, which was released last week by GD & TOP as part of BIGBANG‘s release E, was said to contain vulgar lyrics and has been deemed unfit for broadcast on the network’s weekly music show ‘Music Bank’. Along with ‘Zutter’, several songs such as Primary‘s ‘Just Like U’ and ‘Mileage’, Crush‘s ‘Rhythm is Life’ and ‘Oasis’, and DoubleK‘s ‘Party Animal’ were also banned.

YG Entertainment have since made a response saying that, “in order to maintain the meaning of the song, we have no plans in editing the lyrics to ‘Zutter’.” Furthermore, they explained that, “in order to enhance the essence of hip hop, they originally planned and produced the music video as 18+ from the beginning.”

So, it would seem that when BIGBANG makes the rounds on Korean performance shows such as ‘Music Bank’, there is a high chance ‘Zutter’ will not be performed. Perhaps this will mean a live performance of the group’s previous track ‘If You’ as, due to scheduling conflicts at the time, it was never performed on television.

What do you think, readers? Did you see this one coming or do you wish they’d reconsider and allow the song to be performed after a watershed time? Let us know in the comments!