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Jessica Officially Leaves SM Entertainment

Jessica Officially Leaves SM Entertainment


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Jessica, formerly of the group Girls Generation, has officially left SM Entertainment. The singer departed Girls Generation after 7 years this year, but was still signed as a solo artist up until today. The agency released a statement today saying that “After discussing with Jessica, who has been an artist under SM Entertainment this past while, we have both decided to go our separate ways for the progress of each.” The agency also urged fans to, “Please cheer on Jessica who will be starting a new beginning.”

In response, Jessica also released her own statement saying that “after negotiating with SM Entertainment, we have ended our contract and have officially decided to go our separate ways. I cherish the times I have had with SM Entertainment, and I hope that there will be good fortune lying ahead for SM Entertainment.” She also went on to thank her ‘cherished fans’ telling them she is, “always thankful for your unchanging support and love. I will do my best to show you what you are anticipating from me, so I’ll be grateful if you could watch over my new start.”

Here’s hoping Jessica delivers and finds the best of luck waiting for her as a solo artist.

Words by Laura Kelly