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Guillermo Del Toro Swears Off Video Games

Guillermo Del Toro Swears Off Video Games



With the recent cancellation of Silent Hills and the Kojima vs. Konami controversy, many fans have been wondering what Guillermo del Toro‘s thoughts are on the matter. The famed director has worked on the cancelled title, Insane, at THQ and recently worked with Kojima to create Silent Hills before the project was pulled by Konami. With this being his second time being burned by the video game industry, it seems that this was the last straw. In an interview with Snack News at San Diego Comic Con, Del Toro discussed his plans to leave the video game industry.

“I have proven to be the albatross of video games. I joined THQ, and THQ goes broke. I join Kojima, and Kojima leaves Konami. I have decided, in order not to destroy anyone else’s life, I have decided I will never again get involved in video games. Otherwise, I’ll join someone and his house will explode, or something.”

When pushed to discuss his time on Silent Hills, Del Toro stated, “I was in an apprenticeship. I learned a lot from Kojima-san, of course, and I learned a lot from my experience at THQ. I did. It changed the way I see narrative. We put two years of work in THQ. It was insane. We mapped it out, we did the viable, we did the outlines, we did the screenplay. We did a bunch of stuff. I know some of the tricks, or the stuff that I wanted to learn, I learned. Then I went to the side of Kojima-san, because he’s a master, and I can gladly say that we are friends and I love his work and I will continue learning from him as a friend. But I am not… if I join another video game, World War III will start.”

While Del Toro has stated that he would allow developers to create titles based on his work(which he would love to help with in a creative role), he believes he will never work on an original title again. It’s disappointing to see one of the most imaginative and twisted minds in the business write off an art form entirely, especially after the master piece that was P.T. We can only dream of what his brilliant mind could have thought up for Silent Hills.

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