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Gif Essay: The Struggle

Gif Essay: The Struggle


Anyone who has ever played an online game with a ranking system will know what I mean with that title. Often, players find themselves at odds with not only their opponents, but their team mates, their internet connection and even themselves. For over 3 years now I’ve been an avid League of Legends player. I’ve spent time learning new meta’s, practicing my last hits, trying to get every little detail perfect in an effort to finally receive that shiny gold border on my profile that says “Hey, you don’t suck!” Alas, my efforts have thus far been fruitless, as I find myself once again thrown back from my goal and sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss known as Bronze.

It’s a struggle, both in game and internally, to keep your head above water in a sea of negativity and ELO drops. Not gonna lie either, some days you’re gonna wish you’d never falling down the hyper competitive rabbithole. But if it helps, you’re not alone! Stop me if you’ve ever experienced any of the following:

You’ve lost the game before it began.

Ever entered into a lobby and just knew in the pit of your stomach, “This is not gonna be fun” ? Yeah, you haven’t even started the game and someone’s already spewing toxic waste at you, dodge while you can!

Don’t worry guys, I’m a challenger smurf!”

Funny how many of those are hiding around in Silver/Bronze, isn’t it?

The games started, but where’s your mid?!

They never connected! Whether it be through a faulty connection or the fact they decided 10 seconds before the game was the perfect time to watch that 5 minute long youtube video, you’re now stuck in a 4v5. Pray to every god you know in the hopes of a miracle!

Ok, so Mid is back, we can win now right?

first blood
Ha! It’s funny that you think that way! They have as much chance of carrying this game as you do of jumping into the LCS. The mid lane is a buffet, the only food is your Mid.

It’s okay! I can still carry this bot lane!

support adc
If only your AD Carry wasn’t trying to dive the enemy tower at level 5… Yeah, you might be just a tad bit boned here, friend.

Well, time to give up. Just blame the jungler and call it a day…

princess table flip

The only way to beat the toxicity is to surrender to it. Give in to your hatred!

But wait! The enemy team just made the biggest mistake of the game! You can still win it!


Oh dear lord! Run! Run to the nexus! It’s your only shot, GO!

Wait… why isn’t your character moving?

Goddammit! Curse you Rito! Why must you toy with my emotions!?

Well… you’ve lost again…


You know, maybe a different hobby would suit you better. Something less stressful? Yeah! Let’s uninstall League and go spend our time doing something more productive!

Hey look, they released a new champion!


Well that lasted all of two seconds. Let’s face it, you’re hopelessly addicted to this game. League is your toxic ex, for all the trouble it gives you, and all the nights where you wish you’d fallen in love with a nicer game, you just can’t quit it.