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Gamescom 2015: Metal Gear Solid V


In case you hadn’t heard The Arcade was a Gamescom this year and we got the chance to see some behind the scenes footage of Metal Gear Solid V. We have so much to say about this game we don’t even know where to begin. Usually we point out the bad first but we don’t have a single bad to thing to say about this games what so ever. It is just plain perfection.

Lets just jump in and get started and hope it all makes sense. As we all know graphics don’t make a game everything it is but by god the amazing amount of details that was put into this game is just outstanding! The highest quality was used in every minor detail and this game just looks glorious especially with all the amazing surrounding you witness throughout the game. Even better is the fact that the game is a complete open world meaning you are free to travel anywhere on your map without going in and out of loading screens. Don’t forget this open world is also the highest quality (We really can’t stretch that enough). The map is 200 times bigger than the previous game. Yes you did read that properly 200.. times bigger!

Due to the size of the map there is of course incredibly important ways of getting around that you will use nearly 100% of the time. The best ways of getting around are by horse, jeep or helicopter and my favourite by far is the horse. You just cannot beat it and it is so much fun especially since you can hang off the horse while you aim at passing enemies and the fact that you can whistle for your horse while fleeing and he rides up along side you and you automatically hope on and gallop to safety. Even better yet you can completely customise your horse and its armour. The helicopter is also brilliant as you can strap yourself into a giant machine gun and just go to town on whoever or whatever you want.


One of the main cool things about this game is the “Mother Base” this is where you do all your research and development for your home base. You collect materials and money while out on the field and bring it back to Mother Base and you can upgrade all sorts of stuff. You can even create your own military force through this base. This is highly recommended as it makes the game a lot easier and you can level up faster and upgrade all your material. You also have to ration out food to your base. The best way to do this is by stunning animals out on the field and sending them back to the base (Believe us this is so much fun!). You can also stun enemies and send them back to your base to work. This obviously slows up the process of the area you decide they fit best.

Your friends can pop into your game at any time to help you out. They will be designated a sniper but they can use stealth and close combat melee moves as well. You and your friends can also go online and attack other players bases stealing resources and leaving them momentarily defenceless.

When you start a mission you now have a customisation screen that lets you set out your arsenal as well as filling you in on your mission objective. You can also customize your clothing on this screen but do remember you can use some clothing to your advantage such as using the desert suit as camouflage when out in the wild deserts. This screen also allows you to drop into a mission at either 6 am or 6 pm. DO be careful as the times do completely change the mission altogether and you may find that there are less guards at a certain time and you may be bombarded at the other designated time. It’s all up to you. As well as all this you got to keep in mind that the whole environment of the map can change at any time. Meaning it can rain at any moment or it could be scorching hot and this will have knock on effects on the NPC’s and their surroundings.

Finally one last thing worth mentioning is the cardboard box is still in the game and has been slightly upgraded. You can now run around in the box offering you protection or else you can use it to slide down mountains if you have a long trip back down. This is actually a lot faster than any other transport but only if you are on a hill or mountain otherwise you wont move.

Don’t forget Metal Gear Solid V is out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC this September.

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