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For all the whining one can do about League of Legends, there really isn’t much argument when it comes to the community. Whether it’s fan art, cosplay or original content, there’s nowhere in the League community that really shines like the YouTube sub section. This week on Ewtube, we’ll be looking at just a teeny, tiny fraction of that, highlighting some of the best, the worst and the downright creepiest videos that you may or may not have seen.

So, without much further ado, let’s kick things off with…

Stick Figure Spotlight

Odds are, if you’ve searched for League Of Legends on YouTube, you’ve already come across one of these videos. Stick Figure Spotlight uses stick figures to recreate some of the most intense moments of a fight, and does so with enough badassery to make you wish the real game were as violently cool.

Can’t Killean The Zilean

We’ve all had those moments in-game where you’ve just gotten someone on the enemy team down to 0 hp, only to find they’ve been Zilean ulted and you have to do all that work over again. Nothing quite sums up that feeling than Darius’s face in this video. Plus, this song has gotten stuck in my head more than once, and you do not want to see me recreating the dance in a busy street.

Sky Williams

If you have never heard of Sky Williams before, stop reading and go binge on his channel, then thank me later. Sky gives his own opinions on the state of the game and the community, and seemingly says exactly what everyone is thinking every time. This man is hilarious, so go enjoy!

Funny Tribunal Cases

I’ve said it before, and I will say it several more times until it sinks in: League of Legends has both the best and worst community in gaming. However, there’s nothing to say we can’t turn our own venom into pure gold, as this series of videos no doubt proves. The above video takes all of the funniest lines ever read in the Tribunal and serves them up for your entertainment, cos hey, if you’re gonna be toxic, you should at least make it hilarious.


There have been a few League bands in the game’s 6 years of glory, with Plentakill and The Yordles being some of the most popular. But in my opinion, the best of all of these is Instalok. Not only do they bring out songs on a regular basis, doing both covers and original songs, but you can also tell that they honestly love the game and love making songs for it, which is something genuinely refreshing to see.

And finally, say hello to your new nightmare fuel…

I warned you! Say hello to Shaco the Tank Engine. The evil genius who created this remade the entire opening sequence to Thomas the Tank Engine using Shaco’s death sounds. Not even kidding, this is something that has been thrown out of Freddy Krueger’s box of tricks because it was ‘too horrible’. Legend has it Shaco the Tank Engine visits you in your sleep if you flame too much or get stuck in Bronze V. May God have mercy on your soul if he seeks you out.