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Cosplay Make-Up Bag: All About That Base – Part 1

Cosplay Make-Up Bag: All About That Base – Part 1


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Makeup can be fairly underrated when it comes to cosplay and I don’t really know why. It has a way of taking your cosplay up a notch. You may think a character has generic features but if you truly look at them, certain aspects start to pop out. Their thin brows may give them a more stern appearance, fuller lips that enhance their signature smirk and the list goes on. Do they have very warm and welcoming features? Whereas you have RBF? Makeup can give you that warmness without you having to force your facial features into an unnatural resting position.

What’s more, there are plenty of cosplayers out there who won’t touch makeup outside of cosplay and there are some who have chosen to master it, so there are plenty of options. Not all cosplay makeup looks will be a full face including lashes and contouring. Some just need a fresh and natural looking base with a dab of mascara. So ultimately you need to make your makeup work for you.

This, I think, is something that needs to be said: Make-up is not just for girls and I’m not just talking about eyeliner either. I mean foundation, concealer, setting powder, the works.

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Ever think you don’t have the bone structure for a cosplay? Well, make-up can give it to you. Want huge expressive eyes? Make-up. It has a way of transforming your face entirely or enhancing your natural features depending on how much or little you apply. You can taper your chin, thicken your lips and widen your eyes.

However, that does not mean it is easy in any shape, way or form. It takes getting used to and everyone starts somewhere but, ultimately, it all starts with a few items: foundation, concealer, translucent powder, black eyeliner, brow pencil, mascara and a neutral eye-shadow palette.

When it comes to how much makeup should cost you, you have to factor in some things. What sort of finish you’re looking for, what sort of staying power you want and, more importantly, your budget.

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I would factor in the cost of make-up for your cosplay into your overall cosplay budget. It will save you a lot of stress in case you find yourself over-budget. Check out Lauren’s last piece on cosplay planning and budgets for some handy tips!

Quality is also a huge factor when it comes to buying makeup. You usually get what you pay for unless you find those hidden gems and, if you do, just remember that sharing is caring.


Before you even start with a base you need to prepare the base. This doesn’t just start with primer; this is skin deep.

First of all, putting makeup on an unclean face is a big no no because it can encourage break outs and the like and no one wants that.

Clean your face thoroughly to remove any natural oils your skin secretes, like sweat. Then pat your skin dry. Apply a moisturiser of your choice and let it air dry before applying your primer.

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Good makeup primers are not cheap unfortunately. I wish they were, but a good primer will last a long time if you use it correctly. I use Smashbox as I’ve gone through a few that just didn’t cut it and this one was great, plus it comes in a range of options for oily, dry, blemished and sensitive skin.

A pea sized amount is enough to cover your face in a nice even layer. Rub it in using your finger tips as the heat from your skin will help it blend with your skin better to provide a primed surface.

Stay tuned for the next edition in this series, ‘All About That Base Part 2’. In the meantime, what primer do you use? What are your prepping tips? Let me know in the comments below!