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Cosplay Closet: Strike A Pose!


Cosplay photography is an art in and of itself, and it’s something that cosplayers worldwide have embraced and fallen in love with throughout. Cosplay at times can be a collaboration between different aspects: dressmakers, wig makers, make-up artists, and what we’ll be talking about today; photographers. From personal experience, my favourite cosplay pictures have come from amazing photoshoots with fantastic photographers who deserve every inch of praise I can possibly give them. There’s a few steps when you finally organize a shoot with a talented photographer and those steps have helped me get organized and ready for a shoot the very next day, not to mention keeping yourself organized and stress free on the day of a shoot as well! Cosplay at times can be all about organization and without organization, well… there could be absolute chaos and no one wants that, especially not when you’re stood in front of the camera lens strutting your stuff!


Choosing the right photographer for the right character and right feel for a shoot can be hard at times, but if you do a little research, you’ll find that there are some absolutely and utterly fantastic photographers in Ireland right now who love nothing more than to get themselves involved in something fantastical and fun for a day! Of course things in life often do not come free, but the photographers I have come across in the Irish con scene have been amazing with their fees and other things. Just remember everyone, this is their job and they’re trying to make their living so when you’re doing your research just keep your budget in mind and know that you’re going to get some amazing shots at the end of the day. Scroll on down to the end of this article to find names and links to some unbelievable photographers in Ireland right now!

Once you’ve chosen that right photographer for you; keep in mind what you want, who will work best with you and who you in turn will work best with! Remember, this will showcase not only your cosplay but their work as well and you both want things to come out looking their best! Once you’ve got those things thought out, go to google images and do some more research of your own. Have a look at your character and what comes up. Can you recreate a promo shoot if you’re doing a film character? What about behind the scenes photos that pop up in your search, can you do something similar? Your best bet is to take a few different shots, save them and send them to the photographer you’ll be working with. If they think they can recreate a shot, then you’ve got something to work with! Your photographer will usually know more locations than you might, but if you think you know a place that would work best for something, don’t be shy and suggest it! Also, make sure your photographer knows what character or characters you want to shoot! Do not just surprise them on the day or the day before. Always let them know who it is, what they’re from, and if you’re gonna do more than one. No one likes a shock!


Packing!! Packing for a shoot can be stressful but it’s something that needs to be done and if you do it the night before, well, it’ll save you running around like a headless chicken an hour before you’re meant to leave!! Get your case or bag out, lay it out and make a list. Lists can be so helpful when you’re packing your things to go anywhere! Have you got a massive prop? Make sure you’re carrying it properly so it doesn’t get damaged on the way. Have you got multiple outfits? Make sure you tick off every single item for each cosplay so that you don’t forget anything. Got a wig to take with you? Pop it onto a wig head and put it into it’s own bag. My own way of carrying my wigs? I put a plastic bag on over the wig so that it doesn’t get wet if it rains. Make sure that you also pack a sewing kit or something that you can mend a cosplay with if it gets damaged during the shoot itself or damaged when you’re travelling, it can happen but at least you can be prepared to fix things if the worst does happen!

The morning of, after getting a good night’s sleep, double check your things and your list! Once you’ve done whatever you need to do with make up or contacts or whatever you need for your cosplay, make sure to pack those things away into your case or bag. Pro tip: You may be at your shoot for hours at a time so bring a snack! Pack some chocolate away, even bring some for your photographer, it can be a nice way of making things more comfortable. Make sure your reference pictures are with you! Either put them on your phone, tablet or even print them out and bring them with you because being able to have them at the shoot is such an advantage!


So you’ve arrived at the shoot… MAKE SURE YOU’RE EARLY! Never ever turn up late to a shoot because it’s rude and bad show and will give you a bad name and annoy your photographer. Talk to your photographer, see what they think would be best to start with. Always always communicate with your photographer because they’re the one behind the camera, they get to see what looks best and they’ll be able to tell you where you should place yourself and what way you should look. Your photographer wants to get the best looking picture that they can get out of this, and they want to make you look awesome and also sell their work as well!


One thing you should know about a cosplay shoot? You are going to look silly! You are going to do things and pose in ways you never ever would have imagined in your life, but take it on the chin and have some fun with it! Listen to your photographer, but if you feel like you can’t hold a pose or feel like you nee to take a break, tell them. Make sure they know. The most important thing is to have some fun! That’s what cosplay is about and a cosplay shoot, while tiring, can be so much fun once you have everything in order and work well with your photographer!

Once your shoot is over, you can either get your raw images, edited images or other. It all depends on your photographer an what their style is and what you two have decide on before the shoot itself!


Jade Costello Design

Rachael Hegarty Photography

George Germaine

Superhero Creations by Adam Jay (UK based but does come to Ireland)

Listed here are just a few photographers that I myself have either come in contact with or know through the cosplay and con scene in Ireland! Let us know of more in the comments!