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Adi Shankar Working On “Super Violent” Castlevania Adaptation



Producer of the recently very popular Power/Rangers short, Adi Shankar, is back at the drawing board to realize another classic property with his distinctive vision. This time, it’s the Castlevania series.

Another animated mini-series, in the vain of his Judge Dredd: Superfiend production, the adaptation will be based off Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse and will be “super violent”. Shankar is pairing up with animation studio Frederator, whose credits include Adventure time and Fairly Odd Parents, to get the job done.

In an interview with Collider, Shankar elaborated on his goal with the series, stating, “The goal is to bring hard hitting anime to the America and be America’s first animated series for adults” before adding that his influences include Ghost In The Shell and Akira.

Well known for his independent adaptations online, Adi Shankar has developed a career in producing both indie cinema, using bigger films like The Grey to fund his ongoing series of shorts which bring his favorite series to life. To date these include The Punisher, Power Rangers and the Spider-Man villain Venom.