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Your Social Media Account Could Be the Next Best Ice Cream Flavour

Your Social Media Account Could Be the Next Best Ice Cream Flavour



Ice cream is one of my favourite things to eat so when I spotted this nifty little idea online that converts the social media essence of you into an ice-cream flavour, I had to try it! A lot of the time, without knowing it, we communicate with each other in terms of taste. ‘Sweetie’, ‘Honey’ and ‘Sour’ to name but a few.

The ice cream geniuses at Talenti Gelato decided to ask the whether it worked the other way. This crazy wonderful project is called FLAVORIZE.ME and it analyses the words that you use through various social media platforms and creates your very own flavour. What’s even sweeter is that there is a chance that your flavour might be made for real!

So how did they do it!?

First, the Talenti team thoroughly sifted through the most commonly used words in the English language as well as some of the popular social media lingo such as LOL, FML, and FTW and divided them into several categories: Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter and Spicy. To then add further clarity, they arranged the massive flavour catalogue into the categories and indexed them based on the levels of intensity, so if love is the most used word it is matched with the sweetest flavour.

You can then send your social media profiles to be analysed into Talenti’s algorithm and the words and colours are analysed to give you a unique custom flavour. Then things get a little complicated (in a good way). When you send your social media persona for evaluation, Talenti’s algorithm will analyse the words you used most on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — even the colours of your Instagram photos — and place them into the flavour index. Your persona will then be assigned a custom flavour based on how proportionately sweet, salty, spicy, sour or bitter you are.

In an ideal situation, however, you’ll receive a totally off-the-wall representation of all facets of your personality. Maybe your generally-sweet-but-sometimes-cynical-sometimes-sarcastic attitude lands you with a delicious blend of mango, lime and chocolate cake — a flavour combination that the world may have never known if not for you.

You can finally see — and taste — just how unique you are. To get started with your personal flavour profile, visit the link for details. Talenti will run this for five weeks starting today. At the end of the challenge they will choose six of the most unusual but delicious flavours to be produced and shipped to their ‘muses’.

Who knows, maybe that bitter chocolate, lime and vanilla swirl personality that you have might be enjoyed by many more people!