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Google Maps Now Lets You Retrace Your Steps

Google Maps Now Lets You Retrace Your Steps


We’ve all had that suspicion, or in other words, we’ve been well aware, that Google has watched our every move and with the latest feature from Google maps, that particular notion has been cemented even further.
If you have a mobile device (who doesn’t these days?) and have opted for information tracking on one or more of Google’s services, the company is keeping a record of your past movements.
You will be able to check the places that you have visited through a new feature called ‘Your Timeline’ that is on Google Maps. From there, you are able to check where you were at any given time.
Google’s location history had already offered this data, in a daily and monthly format, but it wasn’t nearly as appealing as its current service.
It can be really fascinating to see where you were in the last few days, weeks and months. It is quite nostalgic when you get past the ‘big brother watching you’ vibe.
Luckily, the timeline feature is private and is only viewable by you. You can delete your entire history or disable the location services through settings in ‘My Account’. You can edit places in your timeline, remove a certain place or rename it as well.
The new timeline feature is being gradually rolled out to users on both desktop and Android devices.
So what do you think? Creepy or nostalgic? Let us know in the comments!