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Gif Essay: Late Night Gaming

Gif Essay: Late Night Gaming


Anybody who knows me knows I am obsessed with gaming and it is a pure addiction with no cure. At this stage, it has to be genetic, as there is just no way there could be this many gamers in my family line by chance.
I have found myself staying up all night playing video games many times and justify it by saying, “Just one more level!” or “I’ll just finish this quest!” and then the sun comes in through the blinds and burns my eyeballs off. So in this gif essay I am going to take you through the wonderful and exhausting journey that is late night gaming.

11pm – 1am

I feel amazing and I have a tonne of energy. I am in complete zen mode! My focus is so high I can levitate objects around me… and beat this next level without breaking a sweat.

1am – 2am

My controller is being beaten to a pulp at a speed my fingers should not be able to reach. Bosses are being slain like they are pieces of flint. Nothing and no one can take me down with the power I have at my finger tips!

3am – 4am

Irritation settles in and every tiny issue starts to bug me. Things are starting to feel a little monotonous…

4am – 5am
The rage starts to kick in and you cannot control your reactions. You end up grinding your teeth at stupid scenarios that you landed yourself in due to exhausted sloppiness. Anything another player does automatically annoys you because it’s your way or nothing at all.

5am – 6am

Your body is screaming in agony to get to bed. But at this late stage you truly believe that beds are for noobs and quitters. You’ve reached the second wind and you start coming out on top because of pure adrenaline. You’re deadly silent now. Your body just doesn’t have the strength to even process anymore.

6am – 7am

You run to the bathroom after hours of holding it in. You may even contemplate food! You struggle to remember what you planned to do next. Were you going to complete a certain level or hunt for certain items? Quick! Just jump back into the game otherwise sleep will take you!

7am – 8am

Everything has just gone downhill now. You are getting killed and failing every 10 seconds or so and you are amazed when you last 20 seconds. You think you will get better once you have died a few times. Sadly, it is a no and you get fed up of even trying to do anything anymore.

Once you hit your pillow after a whole night of gaming, it’s bliss. Life has never felt so precious right now and it will be okay to wake up at 5pm just in time for dinner.