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Deadpool Blasts His Way Back Onto Steam



High Moon Studios’ Deadpool was released back in the summer of 2013, but up until recently has been unavailable for digital download due to a licensing problem with Marvel. The game was part of a large scale wipe of many Marvel licensed titles, including Marvel Vs. Capcom on digital stores on consoles.

Well, with the recent info regarding the Ryan Reynolds film coming to light, it would seem that owners Disney and Activsion have decided to bring the merc with a mouth back to Steam’s story front. The game has re-appeared on the store, priced at €29,99.

While Deadpool wasn’t reviewed extremely well, fans of the series enjoyed if for what it was; a wise cracking, reference full, character based ride with passable combat. Due to the licensing problems, it was thought the game would be lost forever, but it looks like it can once again be part of Marvel’s back catalogue and gaming history. Now if only Marvel Vs. Capcom could be made available.

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