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Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen Revealed For X-Men: Apocalypse



During the SDCC panel in Hall H for Fox, the cast of X-Men: Apocalypse answered some burning questions as to the kind of Apocalypse story that would be told in the movie. One of the more pertinent of these questions is who will be the four horsemen that will join up with Apocalypse? We already know they’re doing the four horsemen as we saw them in the post-credits teaser from X-Men: Days Of Future Past (pictured). In the comics, Apocalypse regularly enlists four mutants to join him on his crusade for domination, and for his movie debut, his right-hand men and women will be: Storm, Psylocke, Magneto and Angel.

These characters aren’t all obvious choices, but that doesn’t make them bad ones. Angel is the most obvious character to include as his history is completely tied with Apoclaypse’s, along with his longtime girlfriend Psylocke. Storm, however, is a little strange as a choice, but one of her comic origins has her being found as a pick-pocket in Cairo working for an entity called the Shadow King, so a probable theory is that this storyline will be tweaked so that she works for Apocalypse in Egypt at the time that Professor X first encounters her.

Magneto is the wild card here as he’s been the over-arching villain of the franchise, so him being a horseman raises questions of what his role will be in the story of the film – is he just a pawn of Apocalypse? Does he join in order to further his own goals? Does he join in order to subdue Apocalypse from within as he realizes quicker than Professor X just how powerful Apocalypse is?

We’ll have to wait until next year to find out, but what do you think of these choices? Are you excited for the next X-film? Let us know in the comments!