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So About That Fallout 4 Annoucement

So About That Fallout 4 Annoucement


War. War never changes.
The wait is over and the trailer for Fallout 4 finally dropped today when the timer hit zero. (Actually about an hour before that, but who’s counting?)
The first thing worthy of note is that the game certainly seems to have brightened up for this entry. The grey/brown grittiness filter from previous installations is gone. This is one obvious change that we welcome wholeheartedly.
Secondly, the prescence of what appears to be the Bunker Hill Monument would seem to confirm The Boston Commonwealth as this game’s setting (as was widely rumoured). The game does seem to center on a huge urban city, something that would match the canon descriptions of the technologically advanced area. Centering on a major cityscape would also move away from the smaller settlements of older games, though it seems more likely that this would be just one area among a multitude available in the wasteland.
Finally, two old favourites return! The Ink Spots are again providing the theme to the trailer and ‘Dogmeat’ is back to provide the Vault Dweller with companionship.
One thing featured heavily in the trailer that was rarely present in the old games in the series is a view of life before the Vaults.
Could this be hinting at some flashback segments that will be present in the finished product? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!