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Gif Essay: Why K-Pop Is Both Good And Bad For You

Gif Essay: Why K-Pop Is Both Good And Bad For You


Fandoms can be a dangerous thing. You start off totally innocent: “I’ll just play this one little game!” or “I’ll just listen to this one song!” or “I suppose watching that one episode of Princess Hours won’t hurt!”
Then, before you know it, you’re frantically searching for not only a Korean language class so you can translate your favourite idol’s Instagram posts without the use of Google, but you’re also clambering to find as many videos of said idol looking cute as you can possibly get without dying of fangirl exposure. It’s a slippery slope, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its merits. That is, assuming you take caution.
You’ll be introduced to an entirely new culture
Lets face it, South Korea is not one of those places people just decide to go to on a whim. Despite years of independence, they are still very much under the shadow of their scary older brother, North Korea. So when something like K-Pop opens up your eyes to Korean culture, it can be a huge shock to the system. But the good kind of shock! The kind of shock that makes you want to show off Korean things to your friends and family despite how many times they tell you to stop.
You will be judged for it though!
daesung judging you
I’m not gonna lie, the amount of times I mentioned “This thing from Korea!” probably earned me a reputation as a weirdo in my last job. Of course, I don’t mind, but prepare for the stares! 
You’ll be pushed into finally learning a second or third language!
You’ve been telling yourself for years to learn a new language! Sure, you thought it was going to be something common like French or Spanish or maybe even Japanese, but screw that! You have IG posts to translate and K-Dramas to watch!
Good luck finding a class! 
Yeah, you might be totally ready to jump into the language, but it doesn’t mean other people are! Whereas languages like French or Spanish might be taught at every school, college and rec centre in the country, you’ll have to do some digging and praying to find a decent Korean class locally.
You’ll be jumping for joy at every little bit of news!
It’s very true that being introduced to K-Pop in your 20s can make you feel like you’re a school girl again. The amount of times I’ve been reduced to a squeeing puddle of happiness while watching one of my favourite idol’s music videos is almost too high to count at this stage.
Again, remember you’re weird!
One precaution I always take is to make sure the house is completely empty before I put on said idol’s music videos. It’s a necessary step that can save you a lot of grief in the long run. I’m not gonna lie, I actually feel sorry for K-Pop stars when they meet their fans; the reactions must be terrifying sometimes.
A lot of them are weirdos too though!
choom top dance
Behold, the glory of Choom T.O.P. The amount of times you’ll see a K-Pop star acting a fool on TV is not only incredibly humanising, but yet another reason to melt into a puddle of “OMG!” and fangirl all day.
You’ll broaden your prospects!
One great thing about being so engrossed in a particular culture does open up your ideals for where you want to be in your life. You could have resigned yourself to a life stuck in one city, never seeing what the world has to offer, but now you’re learning a new language and you’re already totally caught up on all the latest TV! You may as well see what it has to offer!
You’ll have to work very hard to obtain those ideals!
Girl, do you even know how much an apartment in Gangnam will cost you!? Either scale down or get a job right now!
Despite all your trials, you’re not gonna regret getting into K-Pop!
Of course this one depends on how dedicated *ahem*Crazy!*coughing noises* you are, but I think we all know who we are by now. You’ll complain a lot when your friend first shows you that fated MV, but no matter how many times you say, “Why did you do this to me?!” we all know what you really mean is,  “Find me more gifs of them being adorable!”
화이팅 K-Pop Fans! 
Are you a K-Pop fan? Are you obsessed? Let us know why in the comments!