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Forgotten Childhood: Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Forgotten Childhood: Sabrina The Teenage Witch


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I hope I don’t have to explain this show to people but, just in case some of you guys live under a rock and missed out on one of the best 90s TV shows, I will.
So Sabrina is a teenage witch (now you are all up to speed). She lives with her two aunts Hilda (Caroline Rheaand Zelda (Beth Broderickwho are complete polar opposites. Hilda is the comedian of the show and always ends up in ridiculous situations, while Zelda is always the more mature and calm aunt who tries to fix all of the mistakes Sabrina or Hilda make.

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Sabrina is a high school student who struggles with being a witch and trying to keep her secret from her friends and everyone else. On top of all of this, Sabrina also struggles with her love life and trying to keep a boyfriend while concealing her real identity.Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 03.36.03
One of the many reasons I really enjoy this show is because it hits the nail on the head when it comes to school and how bad it can be. Some of the best parts of the show are when Sabrina uses her powers to get one over on bullies and people who give her a hard time.
I always hoped that I secretly had magical powers and I used to sit there in awe any time Sabrina pointed her finger. Of course, even a witch can have bother in school, which was always painfully apparent any time she interacted with her nemesis, Libby (Jenna Leigh Green). 
Libby is the all american ‘sweetheart’ cheerleader who is the most popular girl in school, even though everyone seems to hate her (we all know these people). I personally loved Libby. Yes, she was stupid and annoying, but she was also incredibly cunning and at times quite funny. Scenes with Libby were always entertaining. Libby is also backed up in her scheming way by the highschool principle Mr Craft who just never liked Sabrina from the get go. He later on in the seasons joins Sabrinas family by dating both her aunties (at different times of course). Then he breaks up with them and hates Sabrina even more because of the chip on his shoulder. For me I actually find Mr Craft a really annoying character. He is just to plain and simple and extremely tick. I don’t know about you guys but for me it was just really irritating, aside from the fact he clearly sees magic from Sabrina several times and always comes up with some excuse to ignore it even though he wants to find out if she is a witch.
Then we have Sabrina’s best friends Harvey (Nate Richert) and Valerie (Lindsay Sloane). These guys are constantly covering up for Sabrina’s odd behaviour when she tends to disappear or something unexplainable happens. They, like Sabrina, are also outcasts in the school, especially for hanging around with Sabrina.
There are many other characters I am leaving out as the show actually has quite a big cast when you think about it.
tumblr_mkybukoGuw1ri8co5o1_500However, there is one character that I just cannot leave out of the mix and that is Salem. Salem is by far the best and funniest character in the program.
He is Sabrina’s cat who used to be human but tried to take over the world and was sentenced to being a cat for all eternity. I love the way Salem can be both cute and pure evil (who remembers that spectacular laugh?).
The animations they use on set with the cat robot is just amazing for its time and, surprisingly, has aged well in terms of FX.
If you are looking to be thrown back into the best of 90s television programs, then this is the best place to start. Overall, it has a very feel good, light-hearted sort of vibe to the show and is sure to give you a bracing dose of nostalgia.
However, do try to avoid the college years (the last two seasons) as it just went rapidly downhill and changed into a completely different show. It just wasn’t good anymore, but we can pretend it didn’t happen, like the ending of Lost.

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