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DC Animated Shorts by Mauricio Abril

DC Animated Shorts by Mauricio Abril



Stumbling over Youtube we often get caught in chains of short films. It happens to everyone at some point or another. You start with one, then maybe that links to another, then your recommended viewing gets re-tailored to what you’ve been watching, then there are hundreds of suggestions to flick through and then you discover the day is half over and that you’ve forgotten what it was that you were originally trying to  procrastinate from.

One fortuitous day a mixture of comic related podcasts and short film browsing on Youtube led us to the discovery of Mauricio Abril‘s work. His videos make use of a sort of storyboard style, overlaid with music by some of his favourite artists, to create some seriously top notch tales. Currently his creations involve DC’s two main heroes, Batman and Superman.

The Batman short, entitled “A Gotham Fairytale”, features the Muse song ‘Knights of Cidonia’ and follows the story of a young girl who can’t sleep being told tales of Batman by her grandmother.

The Superman short ‘A Smallville Man’ seriously blew us away, telling a more powerful story than most of his live action outings of late, one that actually features the Man of Steel saving individual people.