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"The Black Glove" Shelved Indefinitely

"The Black Glove" Shelved Indefinitely


A while back, we brought the news that ex-Bioshock developers were looking to develop their own title, ‘The Black Glove’. Now, the company/group ‘Day for Night’ have made an official statement through their website:
We’ve decided to shelve The Black Glove for now…Good news: The team members are all working on exciting new games.
We’d like to thank everyone who leant their support to the project. Whether you checked out the project on Kickstarter, wrote a news story about it, created awesome fan art, gave advice, or even just RTed, thank you a thousand times.
Joe Fielder wrote that they aren’t done with the project just yet and, despite a failed Kickstarter, they still have hopes for the game but decided the time isn’t right after seeking advice from fellow developers.
…’In my experience, good ideas don’t have expiration dates’ …They’re words we’ve really taken to heart, so we intend to return to The Black Glove later when we can do it right.

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