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The Black Emporium Comes To Dragon Age: Inquisition


Remember that strange little spot in Kirkwall? With a talking skeleton on a throne, a jar that let out screams when you opened it and a weird mirror that let you customize your Hawke at any point in the story?
dragon age inquisitionBioware announced today that the much sought after Black Emporium will be coming to Dragon Age: Inquisition. From the moment I brought my Inquisitor out of that dimly lit character creation screen I desperately wanted to re-customize her, and Bioware have caught wind of the demand by fans for this feature. Its not the first meaningful addition to the assets of the Inquisition (thank the maker they finally put in party storage chests) and it hopefully won’t be the last.
Xenon the Antiquarian has extended an offer to the Inquisition to peruse his rare and mystical wares! Be sure to bring a few extra coin purses. The Black Emporium will give Inquisitors the opportunity to buy new, rare weapons and armor, crafting materials and schematics that are either a trick to find or new to the game!
As well as this, players will be given the chance to customize their Inquisitor however they like at any point in the game, so switch up those tattoos or grow a beard!
The Black Emporium is free to download on PS4, Ps3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on Tuesday, May 5th.
As an added bonus, Bioware threw in two additional thrones for Skyhold for players of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2!