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PAC-MAN 256 Announced For Smartphones

PAC-MAN 256 Announced For Smartphones


unnamedThirty five years after the PAC first came onto the game scene, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe have proudly announced their latest project: PAC-MAN 256. Set to be developed by Hipster Whale (Crossy Road) and Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver, the free to play game will be available for smartphones and tablets this summer.
“Playing PAC-MAN in a seaside arcade in 1980 is one of my earliest memories. It is an incredible honor to be able to contribute to one of the most iconic video game franchises in history.  Our game, PAC-MAN 256, takes the infamous ‘glitch’ level of PAC-MAN and builds upon this to become a unique game that retains the retro spirit of the original.” Matthew Hall, Hipster Whale Director
Get ready to re-live the legend and prepare to be chased by the now infamous ‘256 Glitch’, bringing in a brand new genre of PAC-MAN games and even a new hqdefaultgeneration to fall for the iconic arcade character. Hipster Whale and Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver have recaptured the original magic behind the Iwatani Toru PAC-MAN character, and have morphed it into a new mobile gaming experience. Players can expect to see all the old favourites like Power Pellets, Pac-Dots and, of course, the infamous ghost collection Pinky, Inky, Clyde and Blinky.
We are thrilled to be working with the creators of the huge hit Crossy Road in creating a new PAC-MAN game for his 35th anniversary. We’re already seeing incredibly strong, hooking gameplay in the early prototypes, and cannot wait to share this experience with everyone!” said Daisuke Hattori, Project Manager of PAC-MAN 256 at Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver.
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