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How To Cook Nug: A Guide From Bioware


“Start your day off right with a fresh helping of Good Morning Thedas: your source for news, weather, and doom across the continent. In today’s segment, we tackle some tantalizing new recipes from Lady Savarin Ledoure’s cookbook, The Whole Nug”. 
Don’t lie, you’ve killed your fair share of nugs while running around The Western Approach in Dragon Age Inquisition, and maybe some of them were accidental. No judgement here!
Well, now you can take those lightning-fried pink pieces of meat and prepare what looks like a fine meal for your troops! (just don’t tell Leliana).
To mark the release of ‘The World of Thedas: Volume II’, Bioware surprised us with this gem on their YouTube channel. Check out how to prepare delicious nugs on Thedas’ number one morning show!