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Gallery – A Priest’s Light

Gallery – A Priest’s Light


We’re getting to my favourites now and while he wouldn’t be my first choice, I’m the first to point out that the Priest/Cleric/White Mage is crucial to any party worth their salt!

For your party to survive, you’re going to need someone with the ability to heal wounds, cure poisons and offer words of encouragement and wisdom. Whether you call them a white mage or priest, these stave/hammer wielding masters of curative spells are a must!

If the sorcerer/black mage is taken then you’re guaranteed to have me on your team as support. One of my favourite RPG characters to date was a priest/diplomat character I played at a Dungeons and Dragons session – she was a passive refusing to take up arms against anyone. The healer must be unyielding in their resolve, sure of themselves and their path and above all else willing to sacrifice all they have for the greater good.

Enjoy this amazing interpretations of the Healer class by some talented artists.