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Valiant Signs Five Film Deal With Sony Pictures


Although it has been discussed since 2012, it has been announced that Valiant Entertainment has officially signed a deal with Sony Pictures, entering a five year picture deal that will bring a Valiant Cinematic Universe to life. This is their largest cinematic development yet.
The publisher announced last month that it had received a nine-figure investment from DMG Entertainment for its film and television endeavours.
Their cinematic universe will officially begin in 2017 with a film directed by David Leitch and Chad Stahelski (John Wick) based on Bloodshot. A planned Harbinger film will be directly after that, followed by sequels for both franchises which will then be worked into a Harbinger and Bloodshot crossover film called Harbinger Wars.
The screenplay that will be used is by Jeff Wadlow (Kick Ass 2). At the moment, Harbinger‘s director hasn’t been announced, although Eric Heisserer has been confirmed as its sole screenwriter.
Harbinger Wars is based on a 2013 Valiant mini-series where Bloodshot, an amnesiac, ninite-enhanced soldier clashes Harbinger’s group of super-powered teenagers and runaways.
Valiant is also developing films for their Archer Armstrong and Shadowman titles, but details have yet to be announced.