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Otaku Digest: Top 5 Sweeter Than Sweet Characters


Welcome one and all to another instalment of Otaku Digest, the spring season is just about kicking off and soon I will be knee-deep in new first episodes.
For now let’s focus on the fact that it is the Easter weekend and you are probably face first in a massive pile of chocolate eggs, anime has plenty of fuzzy creatures, God-like characters and believe me there is an extensive list for that but since there is a running sweetness through this Sunday we are going to have a countdown of my top five sweeter than sweet characters.

#5 Chii – Chobits

chobits-chobits-5560217-1561380bf7Don’t get much more innocent than Chii from the Clamp series Chobits. Now I am only referring to Chii and not her sister Freya. Chii for anyone who has not seen or read Chobits is a persocom or a personal computer that are made to take the appearance of people with the ability to walk and talk so they can interact with their owners.
Chii however is a new breed of persocom called a Chobit, a new form of technology that possesses a new level of intelligence, Chii can actually learn.
After being discovered by Hideki in the trash and turned on Chii is more like a child than a full fledge computer, only being able to say “Chii” leading to her name. The series basically is a huge learning curve for both Hideki and Chii, she learns how to survive in a big scary world and never loses her innocence in the process, she works and is determined to find the person that is “just for her”. The idea of her is simple but effective in the way she is characterized.
Chii is the epitome of childhood innocence.

#4 Toya Kinomoto (Tori Avalon) – Cardcaptors

81445Weirdly surprised by this entry? So was I but instantly when I thought of sweetness and Anime I thought of was Cardcaptors and many different characters but when I broke it down the only one that I could fully put under this title is Toya, Sakura’s older brother.
Many would have chosen Sakura herself or Tomoya (Madison for those who like the dub) but they are more an obvious chose or do have an ulterior motive. Toya however always thinks of others, he works everywhere and even gives up what magic powers he had to save his best friend.
Toya throughout the series does nothing but protect Sakura even though she may not know it and even knows what she does be up to as a Cardcaptor, his own magic abilities include being able to see ghosts, non-human beings and even sense if Sakura is in trouble.
Toya is a selfless young man who only ever takes care of everyone else and does not really take time to think of himself.

#3 Alphonse Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist / Brotherhood

Alphonse-ElricNot really a surprising addition to this list, the younger half of the Elric brothers Alphonse is a kind and gentle child because in reality that is what he is.
He may be over six-foot tall but Al is still simply a child in a giant suit of armor, he has not lost his childhood innocence even with all he has been through. He is compassionate with others and tries to see the good around him, he believes that things will be better, a child’s optimism. He has an eccentric love for animals in particular cats and even takes them in and lets them live in his suit of armor.
Alphonse is the conscience to his older, shorter brother and state alchemist Edward Elric, he would never and has never left his brother’s side but he is far more rational that Ed, taking in everything around him before taking action although he is stuck at the apparent age of ten he has become more mature than Ed. With every interpretation of Alphonse he has the same characteristics.
Alphonse is not without his dark moments, he hates his form and how he must live but his compassion and gentle nature outweigh any darkness he may possess.

#2 Homura Akemi – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Can you tell I like magical girl anime? They do happen to have some of the most empathetic and selfless characters in Anime. Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica is a fantastic example of one of these character and is so complex it’s nearly perfect, much like the Anime she is in.
Homura first comes off as cold and is not empathetic to what is happening around her where can even come off as the “evil” character. It is not till later in the series you discover her true purpose in life and why she continues to attempt to kill Kyubey.
Her history is horrific, her wish even more heart breaking when you discover her wish. She is constantly sacrificing herself through changing time to help save her best friend, the girl she looks up to the most Madoka.
She alters time in order to continuously prevent Madoka from creating a contract to become a magical girl, to prevent her terrifying fate.
I do not acknowledge the Rebellion film in this list, Homura will always in my eyes be that self-sacrificing tragic soul.

#1 Tohru Honda – Fruits Basket

Tohru_Honda_5This is no big surprise right here, Tohru is the epitome of innocence and self-sacrifice, for anyone who has not read or watched the Fruits Basket, series it follows a young woman called Tohru Honda who comes across the Sohma Family, a cursed family who are possessed by the spirits of the Chinese zodiac, the possessed members transform into the individual animals. Tohru after making the decision to live in a tent as to not put out her relatives after the death of her mother, winds up living with three members of the Sohma family following a landslide that destroys her tent.
It is noted in the series that Tohru never thinks of herself, she only thinks of others, she is always polite and has an unusual viewtumblr_nfnku3iqM81tmk0ilo3_500 of the world. Her optimism is infectious to those around her and rubs off on those around her, characters that were one once dark and unable to feel love and empathy are now warm due to her relentless charm and kindness.
You cannot help but feel for her, she is always thinking of others and when you see her need something you hope one of those people are going to be there for her.
Think of anyone sweeter than these characters? Let me know in the comments below and you could win prizes!