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Flash/Arrow Spinoff Will Be “Pretty Epic” Says Producer


Arrow-TheFlash_042214_MainIn an interview with IGN executive producer Andrew Eisenberg has spoken about the Arrow/Flash spinoff that fans are waiting on. While Kreisberg remained tight-lipped about the key aspects of the show he did hype it up more:

“I can tell you that it’s going to be cool. It’s going to be really cool. Our plan for it is that it’s like the crossover [episodes between Arrow and The Flash] every week… On both Arrow and The Flash there are teams in the sense that there is Team Arrow and Team Flash, but to have a team fully comprised of heroes and villains is going to be pretty epic.”

We’ve already got confirmation that former Doctor Who companion, Arthur Darvill will play Rip Hunter on the new show, the rest is speculation for now but we’ll keep you posted as it comes our way!