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BitBanter with KustomKontrollers


Everyone has the same console and while the one you own might say something about your preference for Nintendo or Sony or Microsoft (let’s not forget PC gamers either), it still looks the same as the one your friend owns. The key to standing out is the same one used in the fashion world – accessories and Kustom Kontrollers offer customers a chance to take their controllers and turn them into something truly one of a kind.

What are Kustom Kontrollers?

Kustom Kontrollers is a small company that offers one of a kind bespoke games controllers, consoles and accesories with the emphasis being on one of a kind. 99% of our products are hand airbrushed and are truly one of a kind, unlike other companies who rely on hydro dipping and mass production techniques.

How did you start doing this?

KK happened completely by accident, as a keen amateur airbrush artist I painted my own 360 controller and was then asked to do them for friends and it sort of exploded from there.11103624_971708876173780_57400224_o (1)
The process of creating a project is very organic and will sometimes include sketches, more for the clients benefit than my own.
Then the pad/console etc. will be broken down cleaned and then primed, the design will be sketched on in white pencil and then airbrushed in by hand. Once happy they will receive 5 coats of special lacquer and then machine polished to get the correct “wet” look.

How has the business changed since you first started?

I think there have been 2 major changes to the business in the past couple of years, firstly the complexity of the designs that we are being asked to undertake has increased significantly making the process a lot more protracted.
The second being just how overwhelmingly busy we are all year round and the diversity of places that we receive orders from.

What’s your favourite piece to date?11092948_971709106173757_1459301439_n (1)

It is really hard to pick one favourite piece but I really love the Hulk designs that we did a little while ago and some of the Batman pads have been really nice, but I just love it when a customer gives me free reign to just go with a theme.

You can play any one game for the rest of you life, what is it?

I am really enjoying BattleField 4 on Xbox One and BattleField Hardline on PS4 along with The Order 1886 but unfortunately I just don’t get the time to play as much as I would like! If I had to pick just one game I think it would have to be BattleField 2 on PC at the time it was just awe inspiring. I loved COD for years but have to say that Advanced Warfare just isn’t my cup of tea at all.
To get your own Kustom Kontroller you can reach Phil and his team through the links – Official Website // Facebook

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