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Big Bang "Made" Trailer Released


K-pop idols Big Bang made news of their comeback on April 1st this month, sending fans of the band into an utter frenzy of excitement. The band announced their new world tour, beginning in Seoul and travelling across the globe to yet unconfirmed locations. The trailer for the tour, now called “Made” can be seen below, and it channels some serious Tarantino vibes as well as seemingly setting the stage for a rock’n’roll style song release.
Big Bang were then spotted in Los Angeles early last week, where they were rumored to be shooting their latest music video. It was also confirmed that during filming, band member Taeyang suffered an ankle injury and was in physiotherapy, but YG Entertainment have assured fans that this will not affect his performance on the tour or the bands comeback.

My little fangirl heart is all a flutter, but we’ll have to just wait it out for now since YG has confirmed that Big Bang’s new song will be debuted in their Seoul concert on April 25th.