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Suicide Squad Casts Raymond Olubowale And Scott Eastwood


I don’t feel bad saying it but I’m a lot more excited for Suicide Squad than I am Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. There just seems to be more energy about the Squad movie, we don’t know what to expect and everything is being kept under wraps or teased to the point that’s it torture.
117876Adding to that news is that two more names have been added to the roster of performers, boxer Raymond Olubowale and actor Scott Eastwood will join Leto, Robbie and Smith on set. Now as I said everything about this movie is drip fed to us so we’ve no idea who Olubowale or Eastwood are set to play, so far rumours have circulated that Raymond could take on roles such as Grundy and King Shark while Scott is speculated to take on Hush to El Diablo!
Thoughts? Rumours? Who would you like to see the pair cast to play?

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