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Orange Is the New Black Season 3 Release Date


The ridiculously successful (it’s not ridiculous, it’s amazing) Netflix exclusive series, Orange is the New Black is returning for a third season and the streaming service have announced the date of it’s return!
Fans of the series will want to book some time off from… everything to binge the whole thing but the third season will be available on Netflix June 12th. The show already made waves last week when it was announced that actor Jason Biggs will not return for this season, he confirmed with Variety that this season was not about his character Larry but did not rule out a return to a fourth season.
Season three will be the longest yet with fourteen episodes , one more than the last two.
So if the average episode of OITNB is 60 minutes, that means we’ve fourteen hours (roughly) leaving plenty room for discussions, food and bathroom breaks! Hurry up June 12th!