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Dungeon Hunter 5 Now Available From Windows Marketplace


TDUNGEON_HUNTER_5_Titlehe popular Dungeon Hunter series makes a brilliant come back with the release of the all new Dungeon Hunter 5 which is available to download for free from the Windows Marketplace.
Players can continue the exciting adventure picking up after the bounty hunter has stopped a demon invasion and joins the ranks of the crusaders leading him to become an ultimate bounty hunter. The realm of Valenthia is devastated following the demon invasion, only the bounty hunter and his guild can rebuild and re-establish the realm to its former glory. Embark on an epic journey through five realms and more dungeons that even imaginable where you will be tested and must rise above all and defeat any darkness you face.
Power advantages over enemies are available through picking up the correct spells, armor and weapons from each of the elemental types – Fire, Light, Nature, Dark and Water. Players are rewarded daily from the dungeon with materials to progress your armor while over in the weekly Wanted Challenges you must fight your way to the top of the leader board to get the better rewards.
The newest indungeon-hunter-5-viet-tiep-cau-chuyen-con-dang-dostalment of the Dungeon Hunter series comes packed to the brim with features both of player’s favorites, a whole new multiplayer mode and even more. Customizing is the goal here, now players can customize their stronghold with a whole host of large creatures and you can even ravage an opponent’s stronghold and loot the place. Players can even craft their own armour making up to 46 possibilities and 150 weapons, be as unstoppable as possible while you loot!
Dungeon Hunter 5 is now available from Windows Marketplace to download for free.