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Yesflix/Noflix: Odd Thomas Or Dead Like Me: Life After Death


I’m the type of Netflix junkie that watches the same thing over and over again as opposed to trying something new. I tend to stick to what I know and what I enjoy as part of a comfort to me to keep me going through the Winter. You could see I’m a fussy Netflixer but over the last few weeks as I wander around the office listening to all my colleagues talking about this movie and that movie my fear of missing out is overcoming and has left me feeling the need to be more adventurous in my viewing. That being said I didn’t want to go straight into the unknown world of Westerns or *gulp* Romance so I picked two movie based on one of my favourite TV shows Dead like Me.

Yesflix – Odd Thomas

This might have been easily missed when it was released in April 2013 as it was quickly released to DVD in March but it is a hidden gem in my book.
Based on the Dean Koontz novel this mystery thriller, directed, written and co-produced by Stephen Sommers is based on a small town fry cook and psychic. When he has a vision of people screaming for his help it is up to Odd to figure out what is going on and how he can stop a dangerous and horrific event occurring. Odd then sees “bodachs” which are invisible entities that cling to a person who is close to doing harm to themselves or others. This particular interpretation of death is a great one in that it shows how we are all connected nevertheless they are terrifying creatures all the same.

Despite the mixed reviews that Odd Thomas has received I found it a refreshing take on a thriller movie. The cast choices are excellent with Anton Yelchin as Odd, a likeable protagonist who is easy to connect with despite the movie throwing you into the story without an origin to speak of. The pacing was good with the connection between the main characters being easy flowing and nice to follow. It is a genuine pity that there might not be a sequel to this as if this is a sign of how the production team would interpret this novel it would have been a real treat to see it develop further.
Well worth a watch, an excellently plotted solid movie.

Fans of Grimm, Six Feet Under and Sixth Sense will love this!

NoFlix – Dead Like Me: Life after Death

Similar to Odd Thomas the “gravelings” in the Dead Like Me post-TV, straight to DVD, 2009 film, are only seen by those with a close connection to death.
The film carries on from where the TV show left off: Rube has been given his wings and a new boss has been thrown into the mix in the form of a slick businessman Cameron Kane, gone is Rube’s sense of caring with Cameron just wanting to get the job done as quickly as possible. While fan favourites Mason, Daisy, George and Roxy return their lives change completely and chaos ensues but that’s where the similarity of how the TV show and the movie ends!
Sadly this is not what fans wanted from the movie, the lack of Rube means a lack of emotion and development of the characters that we had all loved from the series.

George played by Ellen Muth in the series and movie is the only saving grace in the movie. Daisy is replaced by Sarah Wynter and it pains me to see this change. Daisy had always showed a sort of lovable quality as a little broken but Sarah focuses mainly on Daisy’s need to be a star bringing her back to the plastic shallow character from the first series.
The movie lost some of the charm that made the series quirky and dark. If you do not want your favourite characters ruined from the series I would definitely give this one a miss. There isn’t nearly enough fun and wit as there is in the TV shows.

Fans of Dead like Me and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will HATE this!