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The Simpsons Pixels


This pixelated tribute of The Simpsons comes from the brains of Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon and features a variation on the classic theme by Jeremy Dower. Now of the three Paul Robertson might sound the most familiar having worked on the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World as an animator, it’s clear from the video that is influence can be seen throughout but particularly in the end scenes. This is more than just a tribute to that infamous opening scene, no it goes a whole lot further with references to classic episodes and beloved characters throughout.
Surly Duff, Maude Flanders, Poochy, Truckasaurus, and so many more are all crammed into the short video before the family crash on the couch to veg out and while the main opening finishes here, the trio take it one step further offering a terrific homage to all things Simpsons!

If the team over in the writers/animators office for the Simpsons see this, it should be an official opening!