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Marvel Release Age Of Ultron Poster


Marvel dropped the above poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron on us today!
Yeah I’m more than hyped for the movie but I really hope they bring out something a little flashier for the film – this looks a little cheap with as much stuff crammed in that it’s a little too much! That said we can dissect it to scrape as much detail from it as possible and here’s what I’ve noticed so far:Vision
The Vision has appeared again! Marvel and Disney have been very tight lipped about him and while we don’t get a lot from the poster, we at least know he’s coming to our screens with his cape on!
Black Widow is wearing her gauntlets, or something that looks like her trademark wrist weapons!natasha
If you squint at the credit listings, you’ll see some very interesting names including James Mackie, Hayley Atwell, Idris Elba and Stellan Skarsgard all of which mean that Falcon, Peggy Carter, Heimdall and Dr. Erik Selvig will appear in the film.
Oh and if you’re not excited about that then squint a little harder and you’ll see that composer Danny Elfman is also credited, and it’s for additional music, which usually means music from other scores. We’re not even going to go, there for the fan theories could be endless on that one!