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Chris Pratt Makes Good on Super Bowl Bet


The Super Bowl came and went again this year. We got out trailers, ads and halftime shows but we also got something special  that set it apart from all previous Super Bowls that gave me a reason to be invested in this year’s game.
The epic wager between Chris Evans and Chris Pratt that would melt your heart.640
And despite the Starlord backed Seahawks lost to Cap’s Patriots, both heroes agreed to visit each other’s respective charity. Pratt posted these heart-warming photos of himself in full Starlord regalia with Chris Evans at Christopher’s Haven, a non-profit organisation that organises housing support for families who are receiving outpatient paediatric cancer treatments in Boston.
These photos are stirring and inspiring. It’s clear that they’re as good at heart in their suits as they are out of them.
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This isn’t the last of it though, as Evans and Pratt have made it clear that they have Seattle Children’s hospital is the next in their sights.