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Bioware Cancel Shadow Realms To Focus On Exisiting IP



Months ago, Bioware teased a new game called Shadow Realms with a fancy live action trailer and the promise that it might be a little odd. Now, the next breaking news on the project is that isn’t to be!
The five-player asymmetrical RPG has been canned by the developer, with no specific reason given. However, it has been stated that the studio will shift focus entirely to existing franchises Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Star Wars: The Old Republic. New IP is on the horizon, but evidently it isn’t their first priority right now.
This isn’t altogether surprising; Bioware’s standing as a AAA developer has meant that there’s a lot of eyes on their established properties, and putting out a game like Shadow Realms was met with a lack of urgency as we waited for news on the new Dragon Age and the future of Mass Effect. That said, the idea at the core of Shadow Realms, being that it was an attempt to emulate live action RPG’s in the sense that people play and there’s a dungeon master over-seeing the game, was an interesting one, and hopefully whatever they’re working on next continues to be pushing the envelope. Either way, for now, it’s all about what’s next for Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Star Wars: The Old Republic.