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Taken 4?


They said all those years ago that it would stop at 2. Liam Neeson said himself he was feeling his age during the first one. However, it’s looking more and more like the Taken franchise is going to continue with Liam Neeson giving a fourth instalment his blessing. While no one can argue that the story is very two dimensional and gradually wearing thin, the opening box office weekend saw Taken 3 rake in a staggering 40 million in the US alone.
While critics have been harsh you can’t deny that Neeson brings in the crowds and with figures like that I think that a Taken 4 may indeed be on the table. Coming from Den of Geek, Liam has said that if people go and see it, and they like the characters, that he’d love to work with Forest Whittaker again, and if it was under Taken, then so be it. Who knows when it’ll be, but given those criteria, a Taken 4 is very likely indeed.