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Style Saturday: Malicious Makeup

So if you did the smart thing and followed last week’s Style Saturday tips today, for my first post, I’ll give you some perfectly devilish makeup tips to go along with your new outfit!

Cruella de Vil

We all know if Cruella was real, the gal would be FAB. Plastic cheeks, lips, filed down nose, the works… I mean, that money’s gotta go somewhere, right? But instead of going under the knife, why not just contour your cheekbones to perfection? Using the right shade of brown, you can up your contour game and give yourself a whole new face!10947811_10155154683475374_105191963_o
Here I used the Catrice single eyeshadow in #50 Go Charlie Brown to carve out ‘dem cheeks. Blushers are meant to give you a nice healthy glow… so skip the blush on the apples of the cheeks and use a bronzer instead!
For the fake brow lift you can do as I did and shave the ends of your eyebrows and fill them in giving them a pretty extreme arch. Since her brows are black, I used the Maybellene Black gel liner, with some black shadow on top to fixate it.
De Vil’s got a thing for the cut crease, so here I’ve used a light green shadow all over the lid and went in with some darker green to cut the crease lightly and smoke the shadow out.
Also, don’t hold back on the mascara! 2 layers of the mascara of your choice should do it.
For the luscious lips you can’t go wrong with over-drawing. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and REALLY draw outside your natural lip line. We’re going for over-the-top drag here.
If you want the perfect red, take a look at the Rimmel Kate Moss collection. My personal favorite is the one I used for this look, #01.
I lined my lips with a black pencil to create the gradient effect and dabbed some Lime Crime Cosmopop (light orange) in the center of the lips, to help with the plumping effect.
And finally, if you’re as dedicated (or bat crap crazy?) as me, why not go and dye your hair while you’re at it?!

The Joker

For a wearable Joker look, you can skip the white clown paint and settle for a lighter shade of foundation. Use plenty of highlighter on the high points of your face, but keep the textures matte. No shimmers, please!10876978_10155154683245374_1337860810_o
Go for a more rounded smokey eye. It’s all about looking like an evil little panda here. Instead of using eyeshadows, try using a black grease paint or any type of cream product, to give it that smudgy, creased eyelids look.
For the lips, I used a much brighter red (with an orange undertone) than for Cruella. I used #509 from Kiko Cosmetics.
To make this truly a Joker look and not just smoky eyes and red lips, you can elongate the corners of your lips for a hint at the creepy grin we all know so well.