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Sailor Moon Crystal reveal Black Moon Clan designs


Sailor Moon fans are at the edge of their seats with the start of the second season of Sailor Moon Crystal having kicked off on the 17th of January. This season will see Chibiusa come in and turn the sailor scouts lives upside down, especially Usagi’s. Chibiusa and Sailor Pluto coming into the mix means one thing, it is time to kick off the Black Moon arc which is nothing without the infamous Black Moon Clan.
The official website for the anime revealed the characters and designs for some of the members of the Black Moon Clan.
There has been no big change to the characters bar taking on more of their manga type design rather than the original anime. The Black Moon Clan are set to appear in the next episode of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal on the 7th of February.

Usagi: Time for the two of us I always wished for… And I finally got it.
Usagi: Hey! Who’s that hanging on to my Mamo-chan!?
Usagi: I thought I had finally gotten some alone time for the both of us!
Chibiusa: You’re… Usagi Tsukino…?
Usagi: Huh?
Chibiusa: If you’re Usagi Tsukino, you should have the Illusionary Silver Crystal. Hand it over. Come on, hurry!
Rei: I had a bad feeling about something.
Chibiusa: I’ll watch you for a while!
Ami: I didn’t think we’d be using these again so soon…
Makoto: It’s starting again, huh…?
Text: The shadow of a new enemy approaching…
Usagi: What did you do to Papa and the others!? Turn them back!
Chibiusa: …No.
Usagi: Ah, hey!
Luna: That’s…!
Usagi: That’s… A door…?
Pluto: Wait! I won’t let you past here. I will erase those who bring danger!
Text: Invited by a mysterious girl, Usagi and the others go to 30th century Crystal Tokyo!
Text: They stand against the dark crystal…!
Chibiusa: Hey… Is Sailor Moon strong?
Mamoru: Yeah. She’s invincible.
Chibiusa: I wonder… If maybe, she’ll save mom?
Venus: If it’s all five of us, we can do this!
Moon: Time to transform! The pretty guardian clad in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! I’ll punish you in the name of the moon!