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Otaku Digest – Anime You Should Have Watched In 2014 (Part 3)


Welcome one and all to the first instalment of Otaku Digest in 2015! This sees the beginning of the “Winter” anime season – and once again we will be taking the first episode from all the new releases and see if they are up to scratch. However there is the small matter of finishing the countdown I started before the New Year – excuse the delay but I was distracted by mince pies and turkey. So finally my top pick from anime in 2014 – No Game No Life.
I have  named some of the amazing titles that have been aired in 2014 but for me none stood out or grabbed my attention as much as No Game No Life. First airing on the 9th of April and running for the nice number of 12 episodes – it’s an anime that was straight to the point, no filler no fluff.
The series follows Sora and Shiro a brother and sister gaming team who are a team of NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) hikikomori (shut –in) gamers. Within the gaming community they have made their reputations so infamous they are considered urban legends the team known as 『  』(known as Blank) – as they fill their names with spaces – the reality is a brother sister combo who rather be gaming that having to deal with the real world – deeming it as a “crappy game”.
tumblr_n3ruo8EfVv1sdhuzuo1_500After defeating a computer generated chess game they are sucked into an alternative world known as “Disboard” by a mysterious boy. In this world it has been ruled by the one God that war is prohibited and all conflicts will be decided by games – everything from a simple disagreement to world borders. The human race have been pushed back as the weaker race to a single city – Sora and Shiro aim to rise and become the “Saviours of Humanity” but can they game that well?
Such a random story with some of the best and well written characters I have ever had the pleasure to watch. I did not hold out much hope for this series when I first read the description for it and the premise I thought was done to death. Oh main protagonists get sent to a magical world, that world has inner struggles so the protagonists save the day. Been there seen that, but what was refreshing about this anime was the fact that at the core of it all – the protagonists were kind of out for their own mission, helping the human race just happened to help them in their own quest. The story was not as clear cut as it seemed, Shiro and Sora are world class gamers enough that legends have been created about them, Blank have never lost a challenge, so in a world where all conflicts are resolved through games they come into their own. Their true goal – to challenge and defeat the games god, thus making them the Gods of this world.

What I loved most about this series was the protagonists although there were some stand out characters these two just blew me away – they were fantastic because they two had a genuine connection although bordering on creepy at times considering they are brother and sister. You really feel the teamwork and comradery between the two – one can literally not function without the other. If they are separated they start to shake and shiver uncontrollably. The fact they have built up this team and relationship between them is what keeps the narrative in this anime flowing so smoothly. They are each others good luck charm and go as far as to break sanctioned laws to crown themselves both king, because in their eyes Blank is one team, one player, one person. Sora, the older brother, is protective but has his creepy teenager moments – fjoesphe is selfish and loves to cheat because he knows he won’t be caught. He is the brawn so to speak of the team, he has the brains but Shiro entirely out ranks him when it comes to smarts. She is the younger sibling and the genius of the two, although completely obsessed with the fact she has a flat chest. Sora claims her super powers are her cuteness.
Lastly what I need to mention is the art in this series – it is outstanding, to a whole new level. The “real world” that Shiro and Sora inhabit as a crappy game is dark and lonely with the only light being from their monitors whereas the games world is bright and open. The colors they use for the different worlds are amazing, taking the elven territory for example, the different uses of green shades with the different colors of nature throughout. Everything down to the character design is flawless, taking Shiro for example, from her pastel multi-colored hair, her small stature and her almost chibi-esque face – her entire design is cute and it is done to perfection. There is no mixing up the individual races in this world as each have their own distinct trait or appearance.
No Game No Life – if you haven’t seen it yet I strongly suggest you give it a go!
What did you think of anime in 2014? Let me know in the comments!