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Netflix US Going Worldwide?


How-to-test-Netflix-streaming-speeds-copyWe all have mini heart failures a few weeks ago when there was the thought that Netflix were going to be doing a major crack down on users being able to access the US Netflix. Although it was denied by the streaming service Netflix they did give a glimmer of hope and pure excitement for Irish users saying that soon we will all be able to access the content on US Netflix.
Head of global product business Neil Hunt said that,“We’re looking to have a global catalogue that’s the same everywhere.”
We all know there is a vast difference in content on what is available on the US Netflix compared to what we have here on the Irish version. Giving a global catalogue to users will eliminate the issue of users using a proxy in order to access the content. Neil Hunt also added that instead of introducing an offline viewing option they intend to put “content servers” on transport such as planes, trains and also in hotels.
“If people feel they’re missing out in one country, hopefully this is a temporary state of affairs.”