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Kingdom Hearts III now available for Preorder


Could it be? We may actually have the completed Kingdom Hearts III within our sights? Amazon certainly think so as they have opened their pre-orders for the game.
Kingdom Hearts fans can now pre-order the long awaited third installment for £44 here. Unfortunately for us here in European Amazon are not giving even a possible release date where the American Amazon have given a release date of December 31st 2015. However the sad truth is that Square Enix have had to announce after a tweet from voice actor Bill Farmer or as we know him Goofy saying that the game was completed and would be released in late 2015 that there was a “goof” and the game remains unannounced crushing the dreams of fans everywhere.
Kingdom_Hearts_3Could this reveal from Amazon be a glimmer of hope or an inside whispering that we will indeed be seeing the third installment released this year? Or are Amazon trying to beat out any likely competition by putting such a far out release date. They are not the only seller that are hedging for the game to be released this year with Gamestop.ie also have the game on pre-order but with a release date of the 28th of December 2015, we have to stop and ask is this only a money making deal or do they really have an insight to when the game will be released?
Watch this space KH fans because our eyes and ears are open for any news that may hit.