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Ant-Man Trailer Released… for Humans!


If you were able to watch the ant-sized trailer for Marvel’s summer movie, Ant-Man then you’re one lucky individual who should probably go see a doctor and get those eyes examined! The rest of us had to wait until now to catch the trailer which aired as promised as part of the ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’ season premier!

“It’s not about saving our world… it’s about saving theirs…”, actual goosebumps! The trailer gives a strong indication that our favourite elements, action, combat, flashy powers and humour will all be mixed together but there are already fans speculating about some of the footage shown in the trailer, particularly the flashbacks. The original script for the movie was set to tie into the Agent Carter series and it looks like it still might! There’s only one sure fire way of knowing though but we’ll have to wait until July to see just what’s in store for Ant-Man!