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Kyōkai no Kanata Teaser Unveils 2 Films for Spring


Saturday saw the announcement from the official Beyond the Boundary anime franchise website that the film project for next spring Gekijō-ban Kyōkai no Kanata – I’ll Be Here – (Beyond the Boundary the Movie: I’ll Be Here) will actually be released in two parts. The website also began streaming the first teaser trailer for the films.
The original anime which Kako-hen (The Past) will be a retelling of centered around Akihito Kanbara and Mirai Kuriyama after he successfully stops her from attempting to commit suicide. Its only after Mirai attempts to kill him with a sword created from her own blood that they each discover neither of them are the average human. Their lives after this become forever intertwined with Akihito helping Mirai gain to confidence she needs to fulfil her destiny – that is if Akihito can keep Mirai from killing him as practice.
Mirai & Text: Now, I am here…
Mirai & Text: In the world that I spent time with you.
Mirai & Text: It was a memory of the beyond.
Mirai: I’ll be the one to decide the future.
Mirai & Text:
Gekijō-ban Kyōkai no Kanata -I’ll Be Here-.
Kako-hen (The Past) will be released first on the 14th of March with Mirai-hen (The Future) following on April 25th. Kako-hen will mainly recount the previous events from the television series and focus in on the main protagonist Mirai Kuriyama and Mirai-hen will be a completely new work based a year after the original television series.
A poster for the films also made it debut Saturday with the tagline “In Order to Stay Myself”
To keeps things running smoothly and we all know how the anime fans hate when a film of their favourite anime series comes out and everything is different from animation to cast. Luckily there is a good flow of staff and cast from the original anime series.
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