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Sony May Be Working On An Aunt May Film



It’s rumor time people. I’m not going to say that Sony might be having some sort of embolism over where the Spider-Man franchise is headed buuuuuuut…. Let’s face it, it’s widely accepted that Sony really don’t want to hand the Spider-man red suit back to Marvel. So much that we’re overrun with rumors and possible film directions that are all blowing like tumbleweed out through the doors of Sony.
Then there’s the latest rumor. It can only be said to fall into a category so ridiculous it may even be true.
An Aunt May movie. Yes, you heard me. A film about Aunt May. Even stranger, a pre-Spider film about Aunt May. The rumors, reported by Collider, seem to indicate a possible espionage based story, not too dissimilar with how Marvel moved with the upcoming Agent Carter.
Now, I don’t know about you but while the sources have occasionally been spot on, I’ll point you to the piece they did revealing Black Panther a year ago, could Sony really be considering an Aunt May origin movie?
I guess only time will tell.