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First Visuals Released for 2015 Dragonball Z Film


00dra2Another hold onto your childhood moments kids, looking into the future of Shueisha’s V Jump magazine the January 2015 issue which has unveiled the key visual for the imminent 2015 Dragonball Z film – it also gave us the title being “Dragonball Z: Fukkatsu no F” (Dragonball Z: F is for Fukkatsu or resurrection)
Given the titles and the visual there is no question to whose resurrection they mean – it is more like F is for Frieza. The classic dastardly enemy of the Z fighters is to return and cause even more havoc than before. While the visual highlights Frieza’s return it also contains the villain from last years Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – Beerus. Could we be seeing a dastardly alliance?
Much like with Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – this new release will be a whole new story separate from the original source material. Luckily taking the helm of the original concept, character designs and screenplay is the original manga creator Akira Toriyama and Dragonball Z animation director Tadayoshi Yamamuro will take the Director reigns. How will I be able to wait for this to come out?