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What Are You Watching? The Fall Season


Fall TV that is always worth a geek’s attention but with so much choice out there, it can be hard to stay put on one channel, focused on one show and glued to that screen! Fear not! The Arcade has you covered, from what’s new and hot, to what’s recurring but fresh, this is what you should be watching this season!

The New

So I know what you’re thinking… I need a new TV show! I wish there was something different out there to watch! I need to replace my previous geeky TV show! Well let me cure you with this prescription of TV shows. So while most of the following shows are indeed very geeky I did throw in some humour simply because we all need a bit of laughter in our lives.

 Bad Judge

So let’s start with a little humour. I came across this show last week by complete surprise. I had heard nothing about it. Turns out it is actually amazing! Kate Walsh is quite the comedic actor. The main idea of the whole show is pretty much in the title itself. 128013_std
She is self-involved and loves being an adult kid. (Yes you read that right an adult kid). So far she has gotten high and forgotten how to breathe, axed a guy’s car, blew up her van and avoided I can only assume many pregnancy scares.  I don’t want to say too much about this show as I don’t want to ruin it. It is only three episodes in so I suggest you get your teeth into this show. It will definitely be around for a while – if not I’ll be very surprised.


If demons, possession and exorcisms are your poison then look no further than Constantine. This TV show has it all including a quirky eye candy lead character.Constantine-Matt-Ryan-150x200 Although we still only have the trailer to go by ,it still looks very enticing. It takes on a very eerie and gothic vibe. I’m not going to lie… this is right up my alleyway. For those of you who are fans of Supernatural this is quite similar.

The Flash

Ok so I never was a fan of the Flash (I know I’m a traitor!) but this show has caught my attention. They have given this franchise a much the_flashneeded reboot although the costume is awful, the plot and story has been given new life. The best thing about this TV show is the fact that the creators of Arrow are behind it so there is no way it can be bad (other than Stephen Amell not being in it). Again we have some nice eye candy with Grant Gustin. The first episode also introduces other super beings so we can tell there will be a lot of bad ass powers being thrown around very soon in the show.


Finally we come to Gotham. I watched the first episode and thought nope don’t like it. This was mainly due to lack of action and I could not stand little Bruce Wayne or Selina Kylegotham but I decided to keep watching and I’m glad I did (Although Bruce Wayne is still annoying). They picked up quickly with the story-line and action. They seem to have learned from the pilots errors. I am also loving the emerging Gotham Asylum story. It’s great to see a program that focuses more on the enemies origin stories and of course James Gordon.

The Recurring


Here is where all the gay geeks should tune in. Not only is this show about your average everyday gay men but it is also about the gaming company that the99583_std main character works in. Yes you heard me right. ‘Looking’ to me is actually this year’s best show. It is fresh and very heart felt. Not to mention there is a tonne of eye candy in this show.
Although this isn’t exactly a Fall show I thought it was definitely worth a shout out especially since it is back in January which means it doesn’t fall into any particular show season. I love the geekier scenes in this show and how they use geeky references in some of the relationships in the show.

American Horror Story

130312_stdSo this is not necessarily geeky but it is October and Halloween is around the corner and what’s better than a creepy murdering circus of freaks! Well nothing of course. So most people already know American Horror Story, not surprising considering it is FX’ most watched show ever. For me season 3 dipped a bit and had me worried the magic was gone but I was quickly put in my place with the first episode of season four. So let’s getting watching some good horror in the spirit of Halloween.

2 Broke Girls

Again some comedy to brighten up your life. 2 Broke Girls is a foul mouthed comedy and I love every minute of it. 2_broke_girlsTrue it walks the lines of comedy entering into areas that some might consider racist, sexist and so on. But is that not the art of comedy? This show is not afraid to walk that line and to be honest I love it. Another great thing about this show is you can dip in and out and you won’t have missed some massive storyline that changed the whole show. They are always just 2 Broke Girls.


Back on track with pure geekness (It’s now a word). Arrow is back with its season 2 debut. arrow-2wlxnxjumtulsr9ept7da8I have to say season one was excellent and I loved every second of it. I got so excited that all week I was waiting for the next episode. I will admit Stephen Amells looks definitely contributed to the anticipation. So much so I bought the topless arrow poster that hangs over my bed (Sad but true). After season 1 I was worried how they would start out season 2 but my god the first episode just started straight off with tones of action. Also the last 2 minutes was just crazy!!!!

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Lastly but by no means least Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. These guys know exactly what action packed means and every episode has it especially now with Hydra out in the open. Have I mentioned agent Ward yet (Oh My!). 150px-Marvel's_Agents_of_S.H.I.E.L.D._poster_001After his actions in season 1 I cannot wait to see what comes of Ward. Agent may is also worth a mention she is a hell of woman who just kicks ass and has no time for questions. Hard to believe she voiced Mulan in the self-titled Disney movie. Also there is Sky who is a fellow geek and can be pretty bad ass as well with a deadly geeky personality. This show has so many good characters and lots of plot twists so try keep up with them.

[Words, Shane-James Purcell]