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Top 5 Video Game Bromances


Ah, the bromance. That vaguely homoerotic relationship between two men that breaks the walls of mere friendship and flourishes into something bigger and more beautiful and also subsequently creates some of the creepiest fanships and fictions I have ever seen.
Bromances have spread from books to film to cinema to, of course, video games and seems to rest and thrive most prominently there. Which is why I am here to count down my list for the Top 5 Video Game Bromances.

#5 Leonardo Da Vinci and Ezio Auditore

Kicking us off is something I like to call the nerd and the bad boy relationship. In Assassins Creed these two roles are filled by Leonardo Da Vinci and Ezio Auditore.
At first Ezio seems somewhat indifferent about Da Vinci, passing him off as some disorganized nerdy friend of his mother. voR07He is quickly proven wrong as he saw how eager he was to change the world, something Ezio would soon relate to. After the death of his family, the only person Ezio could turn to was Leonardo Da Vinci and he welcomed him like a brother. He was so sympathetic of Ezio’s case he was cool with getting violently beaten by a guard to save his friend, and Ezio returned the favor by murdering said guard.
Brutal violence can be so touching.
Then, later in the series, when Leonardo was forced to craft weapons for the Templars, he still did everything in his power to help Ezio by telling him of his designs and crafting him new stuff with which to kill people.
Hey, for a guy who is supposed to be a pacifist he seems pretty content making tools for others with which to kill. I mean, hidden blades, pistols, poison darts and even a freaking tank!

(All of which Ezio, to our unmeasurable elation, is more than happy to use.)

As the games progress Ezio and Leonardo clearly gain a lot more respect for their individual talents, like Leonards intellect and Ezio’s charm and skills as an Assassin, but that doesn’t stop them reacting in a typical manner. For example, when Leonard acquires a sudden spurt of nerdy inspiration, Ezio tends to roll his eyes and chuckle.

#4 Sonic and Tails

Speeding in at 4th we have a classic, Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails the Fox. You can’t have a bromance list without these two.
Easily the longest running video game bromance of all time, Sonic and Tails are the perfect team.
tumblr_m82hj2WJEC1rp4djco1_r1_500Ever since Tails’ introduction in 1992 he’s been with Sonic every step of the way, giving advice and aerial support, actually getting his hands dirty in the field taking down Robotniks goons and just generally being the most awesome friend he can be.
At first they had a Senpai-Kohai relationship as Tails idolized Sonic, trying to replicate the blue hedgehog’s confidence and courage. During this period Tails was always Sonic’s sidekick, and he was cool with this, he just enjoyed having fun and hanging out with his idol while simultaneously trying to impress him. Whenever Sonic crashes into a new adventure, Tails is always the first one he asks to share it with him and Tails always makes time to help, mostly to build new machines for Sonic or talk technology. They bring out the best in each other: Sonic helps Tails’ confidence and teaches him how to run and fight whereas Tails keeps the hot headed Sonic focused. This has resulted in development in not only the relationship between Sonic and Tails but the relationship they both have with all their friends as Sonic gets gradually more humble whereas Tails has picked up some of Sonic’s confidence and adds sarcasm.

 #3 Roxas and Axel

Not having a heart or emotion is an interesting concept. Having a bromance between two characters like this? More so. This is the situation for Kingdom Hearts’ Roxas and Axel .  Roxas is a recently born Nobody, an empty shell left behind when a body loses its heart, and joins an organization made up of 12 other Nobodies. Still getting used to life, the Nobodies quickly lose their patience with his Zombie like demeanor and general obliviousness, all except Axel. Axel was the only one willing to give the kid a break, train him and take him on missions, with all this it’s almost like Roxas imprints on Axel.
After each mission Axel and Roxas would always hang out and eat ice pops on top of the Twilight Town Tower, watched the sunset…and maybe kissed a little. Hey, you don’t know what happened off camera, no one can tell me it never happened!
Anyway, even when Axel was sent away and Roxas thought he was dead, what’s the first thing they do when he returns? Buy ice cream and go to the Clocktower.
After all the friendship morals Kingdom Hearts forces down your throat it’s nice to see actually a genuine one, in fact, for me, these are some of the best parts of the story, but as the the plot thickens and complicates, creating tragic desperation, you see just how strong the bond between the two characters was.

#2 Commander Shepard and Garrus Vakarian

Landing second place we have a duo whose bromance is interplanetary. Yes, I am talking about Commander Shepard and Garrus Vakarian.
Shepard and Garrus has the sort of hetero love most people will never find no matter how many nights you and your bro spend watching wrestling or American football. They were together though the victory of sovereign and the destruction of the collectors. Shepard even saved Garrus’ planet’s Moon…That makes it sound a lot more Commander_Shepard_Picture_4romantic than it actually was. Shepard laughs at all of Garrus’ bad jokes, lets him win sniping competitions, they have all the traits of a great bromance: history, camaraderie, they even share pretty sickening hook up stories. They’re brothers in arms, on a quest to find battles they cannot possibly win and from this unity is born a bromance that’ll never die.
On the topic of Mass Effect, can we just talk about James Vegas’ horrifyingly buff action figure-like figure for a second? Seriously, he looks like the animated He-Man.
Before the top spot is revealed it’s time for an Honourable Mention:
Classic PlayStation team Rachet and Clank!
Rachet, the last of an alien species known as the Lombax, and Clack, a robot with the soul of a time travelling Alien stuck inside it.Though they not seem like the perfect pairing, when you save the universe a few times, you can choose whatever partner you goddamn want.
Rachet and Clank met on a crash site, bonded quickly and went on the save the universe from most every threat in existence. They joined a superhero task force and became intergalactic celebrities by using the sheer power of brohood. The real thing that secures their place on this list is the fact Rachet even threw away his girlfriend to save Clank and they spent the next 3 weeks watching spy films.

#1 Marcus and Dom

My pick for number one was a tough one. I asked a few of my friends for suggestions for this list and every single one of them told me it would be blasphemy for me not to include this Bromance: Marcus and Dom (Gears of War)
Raised and trained together from their youth, Marcus and Dom have truely the purest gears_of_war_marcus_dom_monsterBro Love that ever was, the shining star all other bromances look up to. Hell, one even gave his life to save the other. Marcus as a character is portrayed an extremely tough and thick-skinned hardass, though it seems his heart really was with his best friend as it was crushed when Dom decided to sacrifice himself.
And there we go, My Top 5 Video Game Bromances. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to grab some Ice Cream and hit Tumblr.
Did I leave out your favorite bromance? Tell us in the comment section below!

[Words, Kieran Monaghan]