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Otaku Digest – Trinity Seven, Amagi Brilliant Park and Madan no Ou to Vanadis – Lord Marksmen and Vanadis


Welcome one and all to Otaku Digest – where I take the weird and the wonderful of the anime released each season, see what the deal is and whether it’s worth checking out! This week’s entries is Trinity Seven, Amagi Brilliant Park and Madan no Ou to Vanadis – Lord Marksmen and Vanadis.

Trinity Seven

Trinity SevenFirst up is Trinity Seven: 7-nin no Mahoutsukai which first aired on the 8th of October, and is a romantic although at times serious magical school comedy. Based around main protagonist Arata Kasuga, life is wiped away by the “Collapse Phenomenon” that causes the destruction of the world and even wipes away his cousin to the “next world.” To get his cousin back and to solve the “Collapse Phenomenon” Arata decides to enroll in the Royal Biblia Academy – a mage academy which is attended by the seven powerful female mages – the Trinity Seven.

I was quite excited to watch this anime as it has most of my favorite aspects – magical girls, magic and adventure. The first episode sure did not disappoint, what it did do however is give me quite a few instances of “but they are cousins right?” and “shameless fan service moment”. Usually this sort of thing does not bother me but the fact that the entire first half of the episode explains the protagonist’s love and obsession for his cousin – why does it always have to be incest? Other than that the episode actually held its own, it was boring at times when they tried to explain the plot a bit too much but the likeable characters more than made up for that. It is shaping up to be a great magical comedy with some good characters. The animation is nothing to be sniffed at either – the characters are colorful but mysterious and the backdrops each with their own presence. Main protagonist Arata is a bit transparent as far as a main character goes but he is well paired with the girls known as the Trinity Seven – he is more like an accessory for them at this point but I do think he may get more of a personality as time goes on – just hopefully with less incest but am I asking for too much?
Will I Continue to Watch: Yes! – Slow at times but interesting characters and I look forward to seeing more.

Amagi Brilliant Park

Amagi Brilliant ParkNext was the romance comedy Amagi Brilliant Park released on the 3rd of October. The (apparent) comedy where main protagonist Seiya Kanie, a self-centered high school student, is asked on a date by the new mysterious transfer student to an amusement park – a really disappointing one. His date takes a strange turn when he meets a real life princess and park manager who asks him to become acting manager of the lack luster theme park. Is he up to the challenge?

That opening theme is misleading for the first episode, the opening was fun and made it seem like the episode would match. It doesn’t, the episode tends to drag on. I understand its exposition but this took it a bit far with just two characters walking around an old amusement park pretty much showing us how bad the park is. There was no real development for the two characters – bar the girl with the guns. There is this random piece of information that the guy was once a child actor but to be honest it came too late for me to care about what I was watching. The most interesting aspect of the episode for me was the anger management mascot that turns out to be real with no one inside – not a costume. Giving us something interesting about the whole thing – also giving a bit of a glimpse to the fact there may be a magical aspect. The episode was about as miserable as the initial park it is set in – there is hope and a chance for better but I don’t know if I will be bothered to stick around to find out.
Will I Continue to Watch: No. I found the initial episode to be boring and far too dragged out. By the time they got around to the story I had given up and hope and just had no interest.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Madan no Ou to VanadisLastly was adventure fantasy Madan no Ou to Vanadis – Lord Marksmen and Vanadis which aired on the 4th of October. Based in a war stricken Europe where one of the seven Vanadis Eleanor Vertalia leads her army into battle against Brune – the Vanadis being called such after have been granted a weapon from the dragon to reign over the seven territories. Although having been subject to the force of the Vanadis, a young archer of Brune named Tigre is spared by Eleanor after she sees his skill and is smitten with his skill but for this he is asked to serve her. Can he turn his back on his territory and serve a Vanadis?
First off – a gorgeous opening theme, the song was perfect for the fantasy theme of the episode. Its built in all the right places and set the tone for what looks from it to be an epic fantasy adventure anime. This is an anime I thought would be slow to start but it does get right into the story. I do have to ask though – when they animate strong woman warriors, why always massive boobs? Is it beneficial in battle for them? In this case it is evident but not in your face – well not always in your face. It is fan service at its best there but subtle although I can see it getting more in your face as the series goes on. The best thing about this episode however is the proper story that is lying underneath – the war, the conflict and the character development itself. The characters themselves are interesting and they make you want to know more about them and their individual stories. It reminds me slightly of Escaflowne without the Mecha aspect. It has that old time fantasy feel but with newer animations and a better story.
Will I Continue to Watch: Yes, it is an interesting anime with a lot more to offer and that it just going by the first episode.

What did you think, what did you watch this week? Let us know in the comments!