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Halloween Movie Challenge – Day 4 'Sorority House Massacre 2'


You know it goes, you and your friends want to find a place for your sorority only to discover that the house was previously owned by a mass murder who butchered his entire family. Typical, right? And that’s exactly what happened in this next film.
Five sexy college girls buy a house for their college sorority. The place is a bit of a fixer upper so they decide to stay there for the night and get to work on it early the next morning. The house was sold for cheap because ten years previously a father and husband killed his family. Discovering a Ouija board they decide to contact the late Hokstedter, the murdering husand / father, and that’s when things start to go wrong for our skimpy dressed girls.
Five scantily dressed females, cheesy dialogue, a running time of 78 minutes, what’s not to like?  I actually, kinda, sort of, liked it. And not just because of the excessive amounts lady flesh thrown in my face. It ticked all the boxes for what a slasher film requires:
Sexy Women – Check
Creepy Location – Check
Ominous Storm – Check
Ouija Board – Check
Gratuitous Violence – Check
The film opens with Linda (Gail Harris), Jessica (Melissa Moore), Kimberly (Stacia Zhivago), Suzanne (Barbii) and Janey (Dana Bentley) moving into a house once owned by Hokstedter, a murderer. They got the place extra cheap because he killed his family there. A storm approaches and soon we’re introduced to Ketchum (Peter Spellous), the neighbour across the street. Ketchum was first on the scene when Hokstedter killed his family, but he was too late to save them. However, he tells the girls about that night in great, specific detail. He tells them things that were impossible for him to see. Things he could only have seen if he were psychic or had hidden cameras. But I get that this is to create tension, and making Ketchum a fat, ugly hick, really adds to that.
Now that the girls knew of what Hokstedter had done, their first person to contact in the afterlife with a Ouija board, out of anyone they could have contacted, is Hokstedter. Why? F*ck it, that’s why. The film is called Sorority House Massacre 2 and unlike Pinocchio’s Revenge  this movie lived up to its title.
Before they decide to summon the spirit of Hokstedter the girls agree to get into their night jammies. I think the film is set during a summer heat wave as the girl’s idea of pyjama’s are as practical as chocolate toothpaste. They’re basically in a bra and patties. And the scene before that, there is a conscious decision to see each and everyone’s boobs. Don’t get me wrong, they have very nice boobs, but I don’t think girl slumber parties are ever that sexy.
shmii15_zps29ed6d39Meanwhile, across town, two detectives are in desperate need to get to the Hokstedter place as they received a call. Who called them? Well, it wasn’t sorority girls as they had no power in the house, and it wasn’t Ketchum as he enjoyed looking at them through the windows. My guess is that they needed to flesh out the running time. The detectives had no other purpose than that.
Anyway,our semi-naked sorority girls begin to contact the spirit world but accidentally release the soul of Hokstedter, unbeknownst to them. Soon after the Ouija incident the killings begin. They come swift and fast and we’re left guessing who the murderer is. The girls are convinced it’s the creepy neighbour Ketchum, but we know a more sinister presence is afoot. It comes down to the last two girls and we’re pretty sure at this point which one is possessed by Hokstedter’s spirit. Unfortunately, it was really hard to differentiate between the girls and I have forgotten which face goes with what name. I think it was Jessica who was the killer and Linda was the last survivor, but don’t take my word for it.
So, Jessica and Linda are all that are left. Even Ketchum got the raw end of the knife being stabbed, choked, and drowned in the toilet by Linda, believing him to be the killer. It all comes down to a final struggle and when all looks grim Ketchum comes and saves the day, giving Linda the opportunity to brutally stab her friend in the neck. Unfortunately, there’s no happy ending, as Linda is quickly possessed by Hodstedter’s spirit, leaving Ketchum no choice but to kill her too.
Don’t expect Oscar-winning dialogue here or have high expectations for a cleverly crafted story . This is a B-slasher flick made to make money. I’m not sure if it did make money but I know I’d buy that for a dollar. And a dollar is all I would spend. I’d also expect change back. It’s a cheap thrill ride with really hot, attractive, women. But, you what, if you look at it from another perspective, you could say this film is a satirical look on how women are portrayed in movies. By making it so over the top sexist it’s actually making a statement… I’m just kidding. The filmmakers had no such thoughts.
For all the wrong reasons I really enjoyed Sorority House Massacre 2. It was entertaining, silly, and hilariously over the top. It must be watched to be believed. Maybe I should go back and watch the first film. What do you think?
Best Line: “No one puts a finger on my diviner.”
Best Moment: “Linda drowns Ketchum in the toilet, after stabbing and strangling him.”